Giving Thanks

November 20, 2012
Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving just days away, we can’t think of a more perfect occasion to talk gratitude– because when it comes to your big day, there’s just so much to be thankful for!

Topping that list are the family + friends who cross towns, state lines and sometimes even continents to celebrate by your side. Your Charleston wedding wouldn’t be the same without their warm smiles, candid champagne toasts, late-night dance trains and the countless moments you and your new Mr. will cherish for a lifetime together. Your guests are a reminder of how very much you’re loved; so when it comes to saying “thank you,” why not find a personal way to show them just how special they are to you, too?

Wedding favors are a great way to express your unique couple style with gratitude from the heart. Best of all, a thoughtful gift doesn’t need to equal a big expense. We love simple keepsakes that reflect the newlyweds’ sense of humor, favorite pasttimes, family traditions and most of all, the sweet love story that brought them together.

At our historic Charleston wedding venues, simple down-home parting gifts are true tokens of Southern hospitality. Opt for lowcountry favorites like old-fashioned grits, local honey & biscuit mix, sweetgrass baskets, prailines and signature cocktail recipes, like Firefly sweet tea vodka & lemonade.

Take a peek at more of our wedding favor-ites, but just remember: the best gifts are the memories your guests will take with them – and those just can’t be bought.

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