Aisle Style: Mother of the Bride

Aisle Style: Mother of the Bride

On your big day, there’s no question of where your guests’ eyes will gravitate. And while the focus on you and your ‘maids is well deserved, we’d also make a case for two additions whose overflowing joy makes this beautiful picture complete.

We’re talking about the mothers of the bride and groom.

For you brides especially, your wedding is the most important event in a mother’s life. It’s a moment for her to shine – and trust us when we say those wedding day smiles are going to be radiant.

Why not follow suit with an ensemble that says memorable…rather than matriarch?


In shopping for that perfect outfit together, remember: there are no hard and fast rules. We’ve seen mothers look effortlessly chic in white and timeless in black or even red gowns.

However, we’re happy to offer a few helpful tips from the Patrick Properties team – along with inspiration from a few MOBs & MOGs whose unique style was a perfect complement to their children’s big day at our historic Charleston wedding venues.



Creating your wedding vision and sharing it with your mom is a perfect way to make her feel included and valued in the process. Clear guidelines before the shopping trip will also help prevent any dress dilemmas down the road.


Traditional etiquette rules the mother of the bride should purchase her dress first, followed the mother of the groom; however, it’s not always practical. Communicating what you have in mind will help guide both so that they can coordinate their looks to your preference.

Be flexible

There are plenty of lovely mother of the bride outfits that are elegant, age appropriate and stylish. Whether matched perfectly to your palette or in complementing hues, the most important thing is making sure your mother feels both comfortable and beautiful.


Thanks to our talented photographers: Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay, Lauren Jackson Photography,Richard Ellis PhotographyShannon Michele Photography and Liz Banfield