Cut to the cake! Four Trends to Try

August 30, 2013
Cut to the cake! Four Trends to Try

What big day tradition could be sweeter than your wedding cake? A symbol of good luck for the couple and all guests, we’ll admit we are hopeless romantics when it comes to this delicious centerpiece – which is why confection selection should be just as important (not to mention fun!) as any part of your planning process.

Our talented pastry chef Susie Ieronemo transforms sweet tooth into art form across our historic Charleston wedding venues, and she’s happy to share her top wedding cake trends.

1. Two (or three!) can be better than one
Love textures? Have a talent for mixing and matching color palettes? Or just really have a hard time deciding on a single cake style? No one says you have to have ONE! Create an unforgettable cake display with multiple styles in varying heights. As for your guests, they won’t be able to pick a favorite.


2. Great things come in small packages
Whether individual miniatures or pretty iced cupcakes, we love the presentation and personalized feel of single-serving wedding cakes. A variety of flavors makes this option an easy crowd-pleaser, too.


3. Choose couture
You love your gown, so why not let it inspire the texture and design of your fondant? As a former studio artist, pastry chef Susie loves to manipulate mediums and patterns. Most cake professionals have a true talent for duplicating intricate designs onto sugared surfaces and are often happy to showcase their technique.

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4. Think outside the box
Yes, the all-dressed-in-white is classic; but when it comes to the look of your cake, there are no rules. What matters is what you like! Think of your cake as a personal reflection of who you are and have fun incorporating it into your celebration – from glam metallics and ombre tinted buttercream to a deconstructed cake with seasonal fruit.

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Photo thanks to Lockwood Studios, Liz Banfield, Paige Winn Photo, A Bryan Photo, Sean Money + Elizabeth FayRiverland Studios