How To: Pick Your Petals

September 12, 2013
How To: Pick Your Petals

PPHG is fortunate to work with so many talented floral designers who specialize in truly one-of-a-kind creations across our Charleston wedding venues. We recently sat down with Janice Clayton of Pretty Petals of Charleston who was happy to share a few expert tips when it comes to choosing the perfect petals for your big day.

Have a Vision
From magazine pages to inspiration boards, develop an idea of what you like (and what you don’t!) before meeting with florists. Pinterest a helpful tool, Janice says, but equally important is a wedding that is uniquely yours. Personal, hand-picked touches beat picture-perfect cookie cutter any day!


Outline A (Reasonable) Budget
In general, plan on setting aside between 10-20% of your overall budget for wedding day blooms. Janice advises brides meet with potential florists at least 8 months in advance & book around 6 months out to cross this off the list and move on to planning other fun details within your budget. One good tip: make sure the contract includes a clause that allows you to change your mind (within reason) up to 30 days before. Hey, with so many decisions before you, a girl is entitled to change her mind!


Consider Alternatives
Factor seasonality into your planning, as flower availability will play a big role in stretching your budget. Ask your florist about the best options for your wedding date and recommendations on which blooms can be easily swapped (and which are worth the splurge). Remember you are hiring the expert, so trust your florist’s input on how to make the most of what you choose to spend.


Before You DIY
Wholesale prices don’t really reflect the full picture. Consider the time it will take to clean, process and maintain the flowers in a controlled environment so they are pristine for your big day. Flowers need to be prepared one week before your wedding – the time you will most likely be busy with last-minute details and welcoming guests to town! Arranging your flowers is a labor of love, so make sure you’re invested!


Plan your day
Janice recommends timing floral deliveries to your photographer’s arrival. You’ll definitely want to have your bouquet handy during a first look or family pictures! Also make sure bouquets delivered with an individual water source and vase to keep them fresh until the ceremony.


Photo thanks to: Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay, Marni Rothschild, Tracy Turpen, Leigh Webber,Cameron Kelly, Jennifer Bearden, Shanon Michele, Tec Petaja, Eric Kelley, Virgil Buano and Juliet Elizabeth