Choose a Seat

October 25, 2013
Choose a Seat

A marriage is much more than the unity of two people. It marks the unity of two families, two groups of friends and all of the people who share the new couple’s joy. By nature, weddings are reunions and it can sometimes be tough to navigate the seating of all of your loved ones. If you find yourself stuck on place cards, kick the ghosts of ballrooms past to the curb with two PPHG signature solutions.

We admit we are suckers for the traditional plated dinner. Personalized menus and place settings are beautiful extras for a truly formal affair.  While long tables and grand centerpieces can make just the striking impression a bride envisioned.  For our “family dinner” inspired brides who love the idea of coordinating guest seating, this is a classic design that never gets old!

image1 image2 image3 image4

Mix & Mingle Receptions
Flexibility is the secret to this unique set up. Maximize your venue space by encouraging guest movement. Chef attended stations enable a couple to serve the food equivalent of a full plated dinner while allowing for complete customization. Strategic placement of stations around the property accompanied by open seating creates the perfect blend of exceptional cuisine and socialization.  Bonus for our music fans that love to dance; this is an ideal opportunity to incorporate an interactive element alongside the dance floor.

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If you just can’t choose between the two, reserve a couple tables for the bride and groom’s family; and rent some fun lounge chairs or cocktail tables for the rest. Our four historic properties are designed to be a blank canvas and our event pros love to see how each bride uses her paintbrush.

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Photo thanks to Adrienne Page Photography, Virgil Buano, Kelly Sauer, Gayle Brooker, Montana Dennis, Evan Laettner, Diana Deaver Photography, Visio Photo, Reese Moore, Amelia + Dan Photography, Leigh Webber & Julie G. Rowe