Something Old, Something New: Making Traditions Uniquely Yours

November 11, 2013
Something Old, Something New: Making Traditions Uniquely Yours

It’s been said that holidays, like weddings, have a special way of bringing people together… and more often then not, a crowd as varied as your Thanksgiving Day table spread. And you know what? That blend of cultures, family backgrounds and even accents is what makes your wedding that much better.

Precious family traditions and a fresh beginning as Mr. & Mrs. are the “something old, something new” that make your big day uniquely yours. Embrace them!

Honoring tradition seems to come easy across our wedding venues in Charleston. It’s all in thoughtful details, from ceremony rituals and sweet gospel hymns to heirloom jewelry- even a great-grandmother’s recipe meticulously recreated by our Chef Nico Romo!

Take a look at a few of our favorites and then tell us: what traditions are you planning to weave into your big day?

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Photography thanks to Juliet Elizabeth, Hyer Images, Chuck Eaton, Marni Rothschild, Jared Lister,Leigh Webber, Cheryl Joy MinerA Bryan Photo & Jennifer Bearden