Daylight-Saving Tips to Help You Plan

November 07, 2014
Daylight-Saving Tips to Help You Plan

Ah, Daylight Savings: We don’t know about you, but there is nothing we love more than gaining back that extra hour of sleep every year.

Of course, if you’re in the middle of wedding plans, the time change – and fewer hours of sunlight – may be less welcome. There’s no reason to stress, beautiful bride-to-be! Instead of trying to cram every minute full of your “To Dos,” our Patrick Properties event pros share four easy tips to make the most of the process while enjoying yourself along the way (really!). Take back your time, and don’t sweat the small stuff.


DO: Put booking your date at the top of your list.

DON’T: Lose daylight in consulting every guest’s calendar.

Make sure your big day works for your closest family and bridal party, then move quickly to set the date at your perfect Charleston wedding venue. The biggest benefit? Once this decision is made, the rest of your details can fall into place!

image2image3DO: Be creative, unique and playful in your special touches.

DON’T: Get caught up in traditions and details that are simply not meaningful to you.

Remember that your guests are not privy to all of the options made available to you. Feel free to be original with your big day and be confident that if you love it, they will too!

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DO: Personalize your menu.

DON’T: Feel restricted by the catering book.

Grandma’s recipe, his & hers novelties or a dish from your first date can all be great ways to incorporate your personal story into the celebrations.


DO: Choose quality vendors.

DON’T: Wait on booking a professional wedding planner.

As the number one place to say “I Do” in the U.S., Charleston is bursting at the seams with talented wedding professionals just waiting to help you create the perfect day. When your venue is confirmed, find the planner that shares your vision and enjoy that extra hour of sleep!


Photography thanks to Chennergy, Virgil Bunao, Montana Dennis, Paige Winn, Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay, Karyn Iserman, Riverland Studios & Shannon Michele