Considering A Live Wedding Band? Here’s Why We’re Fans

January 26, 2015
Considering A Live Wedding Band? Here’s Why We’re Fans

Now that you’re Mrs. & Mr., it’s time to celebrate – and there’s nothing like the energy and excitement of a live band to get your wedding crowd moving.

One of the biggest pros of enlisting a live band: they are experts at setting the tone of your big day with the right music selection, timing, ambiance and stage presence.

Besides encouraging your guests’ best dance moves and sing-alongs, a charismatic bandleader can also be a big help in guiding your soiree as emcee, from first dance to the final number (allowing you to simply enjoy the fun with the people you love most).

There is no shortage of fabulous musicians in the Lowcountry that are perfectly suited to your personal style, whether it’s big band brass, 70s funk, classic rock, oldies, Southern bluegrass or throw-your-hands-up-and-get-down hits.

Check out a few of our favorite acts that have earned rave reviews across Patrick Properties’ historic Charleston wedding venues!

The Maxx


Charleston Groove Factory






Quiana Parler and Friends


Photography credit: Reese Moore Weddings, Hyer Images, Margot Landen Photography, Paige Winn Photography