Three Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding in Charleston

February 13, 2015
Three Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding in Charleston
Photo by Amelia + Dan

It’s no secret that Charleston is a charmer. Stately downtown mansions, azalea blossoms, white church steeples and leisurely meandering cobblestone streets are the very picture of gentility… but don’t for one minute take this Southern lady as a matron. There’s plenty of modern polish that makes this historic gem really shine, from vibrant cuisine and nightlife to premier shopping, culture and year-round events.

Here are our top three reasons we love a destination wedding in Charleston, SC – and why you should think about planning your own!


1.  People want to come here
You’ve heard Charleston has topped the “Best Destination” lists for three years running, right? Everybody loves Charleston! The fact that wedding guests will jump at an opportunity to visit affords you that much more flexibility with your wedding date. It also means a Thursday or Monday wedding is totally on the table when your loved ones will want to extend their stay regardless.



2.  Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina… any time of year
Here in the South, it’s not uncommon to have beautiful, sunny weather in December or January. Winter temperatures are much more mild than our Northern neighbors, so a destination wedding will be just as gorgeous (and practical!) in months that are typically considered “off-season.”


3.  Small-Town Feel, Big-Time Romance
If you’re planning a destination wedding, your celebration may be more intmate than it would be closer to home. Historic Downtown venues like The William Aiken House are an ideal setting, where guests can soak up the elegance of a private city estate while enjoying the laid-back Southern charm that sets Charleston apart. Another plus: all of that fabulous culture, dining and activities we mentioned earlier? They’re right outside our front door on Upper King Street!


Photography credit: Aaron and Jillian, Reese Moore Weddings, Amelia + Dan, Caroline Ro and Diana Deaver