Ask The Experts: How Can We Honor Family Heritage On Our Wedding day?

Ask The Experts: How Can We Honor Family Heritage On Our Wedding day?
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Wedding trends come and go, but the unique traditions and richness of your cultural roots are always worth celebrating!

Remember that marriage is a beautiful blending of two families, both in symbolic and literal union. Your origins, beliefs, rituals and legacies – however alike or different, all are the threads that have shaped you as individuals up until this moment.


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And then, with two simple words, they are forever woven together into one story.

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By inviting wedding guests to share in the religious, ethnic and family customs that are so special to you as a couple, you’re also giving them a place in that first chapter – and believe us, there’s no greater privilege!

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It’s an even greater honor for our Patrick Properties events team to help you pay tribute to these traditions across our Charleston wedding venues, whether through sacred rituals…


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… elaborate cultural ceremonies …

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… or meaningful details incorporated throughout your big day.

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And don’t forget: Personalizing your wedding menu with interesting and authentic cuisine is another way to bring people together and spark conversation (without a lot of extra cost!). Tell us about your favorite family meals and heirloom recipes, then leave it to the Patrick Properties culinary team of chefs to tailor a delicious, comprehensive menu.


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However you choose to celebrate them, these pieces of you are the greatest gift to share with one another on your wedding day – and every one that follows!

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