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Meet Our Interns

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Bright sundresses and iced sweet tea aren’t the only things we’ll miss about summer. Behind the scenes of this season’s memorable weddings and special events was a dedicated team of interns whose support has been invaluable to the PPHG family.

As these talented ladies head back to class, we thought it a fitting tribute to look back on their successes and lessons learned along the way.  They were happy to give us the inside track on this summer’s program - along with some helpful tips for future interns. See what we mean?

Clemson University senior Molly Brinson hails from Greenville S.C. With a major in travel and tourism, Molly was involved in every aspect of PPHG: when not in the events or sales office, she served as hostess for Fish Restaurant. Molly did it all!

What led you to an internship with Patrick Properties?

I stumbled across PPHG while searching for internships online. The properties are stunning, and after seeing all of the awards and press, I realized an internship would be an amazing learning opportunity.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned through this experience?

In this industry, be prepared to work! The team at PPHG really invests in their clients and wants to make each event as great as it can be, which is what I believe makes them so successful. I learned that it is crucial to enjoy what you are doing because, in the end, it's all worth it. P.S. buy comfortable shoes!

University of Mississippi senior Bailey Magee is also from Mobile, Alabama. Studying hospitality management and business, Bailey’s solid work ethic was rivaled only by her appreciation for air-conditioned tents at Lowndes Grove in the heat of summer.

What was your favorite aspect of this internship?

I enjoyed the whole internship because I got to see so many different aspects of what PPHG does on a regular basis. My favorite was assisting the events office with planning and later working each event, where everything comes together.

What is one piece of advice you can give to future interns?

The more details you include (from rental lists to menus), the more it will help you on the day of the event. Staying on top of tasks and being organized during each event is key in this industry.

Helen Franklin is a senior at Auburn University by way of Mobile, Alabama. The hospitality management major happened upon PPHG - and for that matter, Charleston - purely by chance. We’re so glad she did.

What was your favorite aspect of your internship?

Attending tastings with clients; it was so much fun getting to see how excited the bride and groom were about their special day.

Which is your favorite property?

Lowndes Grove - the sunset views over the Ashley River are just beautiful.

Give one interesting fact about yourself:

I had never been to Charleston before I decided to move here!

Beaufort, South Carolina native Charlotte Westcob is a junior at College of Charleston, on her way to a degree in hospitality/tourism management and business administration. We’ll miss her bright smile and event wrap-up status calls!

What led you to an internship with Patrick Properties?

Randall Goldman had been a guest speaker for the Club for Hospitality and Tourism at CofC, and his perspecitive really stuck with me. After attending a networking event at Lowndes Grove - a beautiful, historic estate looking out over incredible Low Country marshland – I was sold.

What are your plans for the future?

I am studying abroad at the University of Nottingham this fall before finishing out my junior year at CofC. After working with the great people at PPHG, I definitely plan to pursue other opportunities in the event planning/management industry upon my return to the States!

PPHG’s other Beaufort native and College of Charleston senior Morgan Fermin is also pursuing the same degree. Morgan quickly found her passion working on the sales team – the driving force behind her contagious motivation and eagerness to help. 

What was your favorite aspect of your internship?

As the first point of contact with potential clients, it was fun to hear individual love stories and share in the excitement about their future nuptials (hopefully at our property!).

What is one lesson you have learned through this experience?

My most valuable lesson was learning how to best assist event professionals during their busiest season. This internship taught a lot of self-reliance and motivation to learn through hands-on experience, not in a classroom setting.

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