All Things Engagement Rings

All Things Engagement Rings

Sparkle, Shine and Auld Lang Syne! We love the joy and excitement a New Year brings, especially from the ladies touting one brand-new and major piece of jewelry unwrapped over the holidays. We’re looking at you, Ms. Bride-to-Be! And more so, that gorgeous sparkler on your ring finger.

Newly engaged? Hooray! Now we want to know – what ring style made your heart swoon?

Show us your engagement ring here. Then check out our “now-that-he-puts-a-ring-on-it” cheat sheet, with everything you need to know about what’s next from the talented event experts at Patrick Properties. In the moments you can steal your gaze away from that left hand, of course.

Here’s to a bright 2014!

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Photography thanks to Chris Campbell, Jen Fariello, Marni Rothschild, Sean Money + Elizabeth Faye, Richard Bell, Liz Banfield & Emily Horton