Employee Spotlight: Tabitha Nall – Director of Events

November 20, 2019
Employee Spotlight: Tabitha Nall – Director of Events

Name: Tabitha Nall

Role: Director of Events

Education: East Carolina University — (Go Pirates!) with a degree in Hospitality Management and a minor in Event Planning – I have been in the Hospitality Industry for 10+ years


Favorite part of working for PPHG: My team for sure!  I also love the creative freedom with events and working with the culinary team to create new trends.

Favorite “Charleston” activity: I love Charleston breweries – pair a little day drinking with a burger from Little Jacks and it’s a fab day!

Give a piece of advice for couples planning their wedding: Put yourself first when creating your menu – Aunt Martha is not going to get upset because you pass foie torchon.  She will find something she likes and if you love it you should have it!  Besides, guests are always more adventurous at weddings!  Also, incorporate a couple of your favorite foods that you enjoy cooking or eating that represent you!  Whether that is Grandma’s pineapple cake recipe or pepperoni pizza passed late night because that is your go-to after a fun night out.



What would be your last meal on Death Row:

Buffalo chicken tenders with loaded fries and all the Ranch.

Favorite old school jam:

“Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl” by Looking Glass

Guilty pleasure TV show you’re embarrassed to admit you watch:

Grey’s Anatomy – but, I am never embarrassed. I have watched it since 2005 when I was a junior in high school. 

How do you start and end your day?

With a large glass of water – this sounds boring, but it’s true.

Best vacation you’ve been on?

I have driven across the US three times. Favorite spot, hands-down, is the Grinnell Glacier and the 11-mile hike through Glaciers National Park.

What is on your bucket list?

Oktoberfest in Germany

Would you rather have unlimited sushi or unlimited tacos for life?

Sushi, as long as I am picking the rolls!

What are your favorite beverages:

Coffee, New England style IPAs, and bourbon!