Wedding Cake Wednesday – “The Mallory”

Wedding Cake Wednesday – “The Mallory”

Kicking off “Wedding Cake Wednesday”! PPHG Pastry Chef Jessica Grossman takes us behind the scenes of some of her favorite designs! ⁠

“This is the OG. We call it “The Mallory”, named after the bride, Mallory Severs. Mallory is the sister of Meredith Severs Tanton, and was a planner at Sweetgrass Social, prior to marrying and moving away. Making a cake for a local planner is a great honor because they see A LOT of cakes out there, but it’s also a fair amount of pressure! These are our people! And they chose US for their very special day. It’s kind of a big deal. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ALWAYS a big deal, I think I just felt under a little more scrutiny than normal….⁠

Mallory brought a cake inspiration photo to the tasting. The cake was all fondant that had been airbrushed. It had varying tier heights and gold only on 2 of the tiers, and well, basically, it was NOTHING like this one! But it was just for inspiration, and Mallory did NOT want fondant and asked me to create something in all buttercream. I almost immediately knew how I was going to execute it, and I felt confident in my approach, but the day of, I was a little nervous, and I really hoped Mallory would be pleased. That was an understatement! She was thrilled, and this has become one of our more popular cakes to date. We have recreated it for subsequent brides, with little tweaks here and there, but this is where it all started.”

Jessica Grossman

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