Autumn Accents

October 09, 2012
Autumn Accents

Somewhere in the trove of our family albums, there’s a faded polaroid of a blonde-haired toddler disguised as hay and silly with euphoria as she bobs along rows of brilliant, rippled orbs the size of beach balls. Handwritten below is the simple caption: “First Pumpkin Patch.”

Years later, the arrival of Autumn still brings with it the same sense of enchantment, wonder and, above all, delicious childlike delight. What is it about this season that makes us light up like jack-o-lanterns at the first breath of cool air? We sip hot spiced mugs, slide into leather boots and knit sweaters, bellyflop into piles of crackling leaves, carve our hands into oversized squash… and why?Because these moments matter.

With so much to inspire, it’s little wonder Autumn accents are a favorite among the PPHG wedding set. Our couples make the most of nature’s gold and copper palette, with stunning outdoor backdrops at Charleston wedding venues like The William Aiken House and Lowndes Grove Plantation. Dining menus are ripe with the season’s best, and when it comes to décor, it’s impossible not to fall for small personal touches plucked straight from our Southern backyard.Grab a scarf and come play among the pumpkins with PPHG. It’s Fall, y’all!

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Special thanks to Leigh Webber PhotographyJennifer Bearden PhotographyMarni Rothschild Pictures; Gayle Broker Photography; Richard Israel; and Evan Laettner Photography.