All In Good Taste

February 18, 2013
All In Good Taste

For every couple – and, often, their guests – expectations run high when planning the wedding day menu. Caught somewhere between tradition and personal taste, quality and expense, it’s little wonder that the decision of what to serve and how can become quite daunting.

At Patrick Properties Hospitality Group, we believe there is one fundamental a couple should embrace during this process:

The only rule is to have food people like to eat.”

Translation? Steak is not consigned to the obligatory potato, and a three-course, two hour plated meal is in no way prerequisite to changing your last name.

True, these ideals stem from a long line of success and are rooted in the reality that sharing good food brings people together. And while there is something very beautiful in the tradition, we believe couples can personalize a menu that tells their story as expressively and creatively as they wish.

As you’re planning, keep in mind a few tips to mix up your meal – straight from the professionals behind PPHG’s celebrated culinary program:

1. Turn a plated dinner into a tasting menu

Love the idea of an elegant plated dinner, but cringe at the monotony of soup, salad and entrée? Try a tasting menu! This style breaks the traditional mold with four courses and smaller portions that afford more flexibility in menu planning. Even better, you can rest easy knowing the options will appeal to every guest’s taste.

2.  Redefine the buffet

Forget any negative associations this word conjures. Instead, why not enjoy the personal service of chef-attended stations? Our historic Charleston wedding venues create beautiful spaces for guests to socialize and celebrate by your side. Customized stations allow them freedom to explore while being treated to freshly prepared cuisine. Think outside the buffet with options like braised short rib and Charleston traditions like shrimp & grits or Lowcountry boil!


3. Don’t miss the opportunity for fun extras

Some of our most memorable wedding menus are dreamed up by couples with the “anything is possible” mentality. Heirloom family recipes, a His & Hers station, even the menu from a first date – all are great sources of inspiration! Get creative with sweet treats – a s’more station or hot chocolate with donut hole dunkers – or pass nostalgic late-night snacks, like mini-milkshakes, chicken biscuits or French fries.


Bottom line:  set aside the expectations. Your wedding is the time to fully embrace the title of “creative director” – and enjoy every delicious moment of it.