Raise the Bar

August 08, 2014
Raise the Bar

Want to know one of our favorite, most exciting things about your wedding in Charleston? It’s the reunion of a lifetime! Think about it: the people who mean the most to you are coming together – from across town, across state borders and even across oceans – to celebrate the moment you say “I do” and raise a glass to the many amazing moments ahead of you as Mr & Mrs. They’ll laugh, embrace, blink away joyful tears, dance up a sweat and clink glasses in your honor. Could you ask for a more beautiful picture?

With all that mingling and celebrating to look forward to, it’s a great idea to give your wedding guests a focal point where they can gather. Cocktails and conversation are a natural pair, so why not elevate your soiree with a centerpiece that will really get them talking!

Whether black tie formal or a laid-back outdoor occasion, a customized bar takes your big day up a notch with fun, creative touches that range from vintage bar marquees and customized shelving to perfectly paired greenery and rustic table tops. We’ll cheers to that!

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Photography thanks to  Virgil Bunao,  Charlotte Elizabeth, Jarrad Lister, Juliet Elizabeth, Marni Rothschild, Riverland Studios, Jennifer Bearden & Tim Will