Bright Ideas

November 12, 2014
Bright Ideas

Last week’s Daylight Savings tips arrived just in time. Twilight falls earlier across the Lowcountry with each passing day of autumn – but while we cherish those golden hours, there’s also something magical about a celebration beneath the starlight. Planning your winter wedding in Charleston? Do we have just the bright ideas to inspire!

Bring an elegant ambiance to outdoor soirees beneath the trees with bistro lights and lanterns strung from the boughs. Illuminate the bar or lounge area with a vintage marquee. Surround guests with the soft, warm glow of tea-lights or formal candlesticks as part of your tablescape. And for the real showstopper? Stage the first of many dances as “Mr. & Mrs.” beneath a dazzling chandelier (this one at The William Aiken House is over-the-top gorgeous).

Beautiful bride-to-be, you’re as radiant as ever. Light up the night at Patrick Properties’ historic Charleston venues with a few of our favorite scenes after sunset.

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Photography thanks to Amelia + DanVisio, Virgil Bunao, Richard Bell, Paige Winn, Leigh Webber,Jennifer Bearden, Inkspot Crew Films, Graceology, CVI & Adrienne Page