Ask the Experts: We just got engaged! Is a 2016 wedding in Charleston out of the picture?

April 22, 2016
Ask the Experts: We just got engaged! Is a 2016 wedding in Charleston out of the picture?
Photo by Amelia + Dan

This is one of the questions our Patrick Properties event team hears most often from couples who become engaged throughout the year – or who fear they’ve waited too long to start planning. The short answer: Yes! There is still plenty of time to get married this year, and we’re here to show you why.

After all, our historic Charleston venues are the backdrop to gorgeous weddings every month of the year. Yes, there are couples who plan 12-18 months out, but this is by no means the rule you feel you must follow. Nor does it mean you’ll feel too rushed to enjoy this special time together – or have any fun in the planning process!

Now that we’ve tackled the big question, let’s follow up with some additional words of wisdom from the PPHG pros:

Will there be open dates for the venue?

More than likely, yes – so make the call! Keep in mind that while a Saturday in the peak months of May or October may be unavailable, broadening your date range by season or even day of the week can really work in your favor! We’ve said it before: flexibility is key. Ask about Fridays and Sundays, as well as dates on a Thursday or Monday.

Will all of my guests be able to come?

Charleston consistently tops the lists of worldwide travel destinations. Chances are your guests will jump at the opportunity for a long weekend getaway in Charleston – no matter the time of year. Direct flights from major cities like New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Dallas and Nashville make travel easy, and you can take advantage of convenient seasons for your crowd. For instance, teachers are able to travel much more freely in summer months than during the school year. Bonus: if you’re planning the big day in six months or less, you can save on budget by skipping formal Save the Dates and go straight to the invitations.

What about the weather – won’t summer be too hot / winter be too cold for a wedding?

Don’t let climate concerns limit a portion of the calendar. Our talented PPHG event team and close network of industry friends know just how to keep your guests comfortable, whatever the weather. Instead, embrace the season! Keep the menu light and refreshing for a summer wedding, and play up fun details for guests like cool scented hand towels, lawn umbrellas or a gelato bar. In the winter months, cozy up with lush throw blankets, an outdoor fireplace and late-night hot toddies (insider tip: Charleston is blessed with an abundance of sunny days, and it’s not uncommon to enjoy a warm day even in December). We’ll share more of our favorite tips to make the most of your season in next week’s blog!

What if I can’t find vendors?

Our PPHG team works regularly with Charleston’s top planners and wedding professionals who help us create incredible celebrations across our venues all year long. Again, here’s where an off-peak date can really work in your favor, since many vendors will have more flexibility. We’re happy to help point you in the right direction. Another piece of great news: since the Patrick Properties culinary team oversees the menu for your big day, you can cross two of the biggest items off your to-do list (food & venue, check!).

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