Since 1997, Patrick Properties Hospitality Group has unveiled five of Charleston’s grandest properties and estates, faithfully restored and transformed into exquisite venues for special events. We believe that moments matter, and our experienced team is committed to making each one extraordinary, with unrivaled service and professional expertise.


It all started with an abandoned movie theater in a neglected part of downtown Charleston that everyone had all but forgotten about. Built in 1942 and named in honor of our country's servicemen and women, the American Theater first opened its doors on September 19th. At the time, it was a welcome addition to King Street and provided a wartime escape for the flourishing community north of Calhoun Street. Unfortunately, this golden era was not to last. Attendance dwindled by the 1960s, and in 1977, the American Theater was forced to close its doors. Years passed, and as lower Charleston evolved as the peninsula's center of business and tourism, the building and those nearby were left behind, abandoned as a faded vestige of Upper King Street.

In 1996, the vacant building had fallen into disrepair until the Patrick family decided to invest in a local property while simultaneously helping revive a deteriorating area of their own city. They purchased the American Theater and began a meticulous restoration that would breathe new life into the property and struggling surrounding neighborhood. In spite of significant roof damage, structural deterioration, and asbestos exposure, the American Theater was resurrected.

No one knew it then, but this was the start to future decades of the Patricks finding these forgotten properties full of potential, restoring them to their original beauty, and giving them back to the community as stunning event venues where guests can gather to celebrate life's biggest moments. Leaving a profound legacy of preservation and restoration, the Patrick family sits at the helm of an effort in resurgence and development on Upper King Street and beyond, continuing to believe in the promise of a once-forgotten neighborhood.

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