Step Inside Our History | Parcel 32

January 08, 2018
Step Inside Our History | Parcel 32

Our new restaurant, Parcel 32, opening soon on Charleston’s Upper King Street has a storied past full of fun historical facts. If only these walls could talk!

The Location: 442 King Street
The Charleston single home at 442 King Street was built in 1837 at the beginning of the Victorian era and was eventually owned by the Amme family who operated the building as the peninsula’s highest-volume bakery for 75 years until 1931.

The building was later sold to a cobbler and various merchants throughout the years.

In 1998, Patrick Properties Hospitality Group saw the hidden potential in this vacant historic site and restored its beauty to preserve the original architecture.

The Name: Parcel 32
Parcel 32 references the original block of 442 King Street noted on Charleston’s 1888 map by Sanborn Map & Publishing Co.

Behind the home was The Tower Depot train station built in 1849 (now Camden Sheds on John Street), which was the local passenger and freight depot.

Dual definition of “parcel”: historical land ownership + a thing or collection of things wrapped in paper in order to be carried or sent by mail.

In Parcel 32 you will find many design, artwork and branding materials that reflect these elements.

The Mission: Culinary and Craftsman Traditions
Parcel 32 incorporates the flavors and heritage of the coastal South in a refined, yet relaxed gathering place that welcomes everyone to our tables. We are inspired by the rich culinary and craftsman traditions of our city and by the current outstanding farmers, producers, distillers, purveyors and artisans who respect the past, yet are excited to explore new horizons. In other words, we are dedicated to true Charleston hospitality.

We look forward to welcoming you to our tables!