How To Make PPHG “SO GOOD” Cookies!

April 22, 2020
How To Make PPHG “SO GOOD” Cookies!

So Good Flourless Chewy Chocolate Cloud Cookies, or “So Good”, for short!

These cookies are SO GOOD. That’s what Scott says, and many of my friends and neighbors, so it’s worth noting. Why would they lie? They wouldn’t. They would smile kindly, with a tilt of the head, and say “aww, Jess, sweetie, ….”

I’ve been friends with this cookie for years. It was always welcome during Passover, due to its flourless nature, assuming you were able to find kosher-for-Passover powdered sugar…. But now, it’s popular with the trendy gluten-free set and all others who know. As a free bonus gift, this recipe only requires SIX ingredients and no heavy machinery.

So, not only So Good but also #SOEASY!

-Jessica Grossman, PPHG Executive Pastry Chef