Wedding Cake Wednesday – Marbled Modeling Chocolate

Wedding Cake Wednesday – Marbled Modeling Chocolate

PPHG Pastry Chef Jessica Grossman takes us behind the scenes of some of her favorite designs! ⁠

From the tasting notes: ⁠⠀
“John’s family owns AGM Imports which is a local stone retail company. They sell large pieces of granite, marble, etc. They are hoping to use the attached slab and have a 4- tier cake similar to the attached photo.”⁠⠀
“We have done marbled fondant-covered tiers in the past, but this time I was given as a reference, a photo of a specific marble slab! And these are marble people. No pressure! For this cake, I used modeling chocolate and was able to achieve beautifully sharp edges. Woohoo!”

– Jessica Grossman

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Billie Joe & Jeremy Photography