Wedding Cake Wednesday – PPHG Family Edition

Wedding Cake Wednesday – PPHG Family Edition

PPHG Pastry Chef Jessica Grossman takes us behind the scenes of some of her favorite designs! ⁠

“This cake was extra special because it was for our PPHG fam, Sales Manager Erin and Chef Dan! This was another all-fondant inspo photo, but we felt pretty confident we could combine all the inspo elements into a beautiful cake for Erin and Dan. One of the challenges here fell squarely in the column of “caker problems”, it’s this: Black is not always Black. Residents of the Lowcountry may be familiar with “Charleston Green” paint. It looks black, but it isn’t. As you may have guessed, it’s GREEN. Very dark green. Sometimes “black” is a dark brownish-red. Or blue. Or purple. The point is, all black food colorings are not created equally. Oh yeah, sometimes they change colors, overnight. Or when heated. Or when cold. Or from exposure to light. So, in a word, black is tricky. The end. The cake was a stunner. And it’s only a matter of time before I see it in a tasting as another bride’s cake inspo!

– Jessica Grossman

From the Bride: “Honestly I didn’t really have a plan for the cake – I just knew I wanted it to have a black element to tie in the overall color scheme for the wedding and I wanted it to be edgy. I looked up images for inspiration but I didn’t want to copy a previous cake so I worked with Jessica to come up with our own design. I completely trust Jessica and knew that whatever she did it would be perfect. Jessica sent me a sketch of our ideas and I was in love with it. On the day of the wedding, I vividly remember going to the back to say hi to Jessica as she placed the finishing touches on the cake and when I saw it, I was blown away. It tied the whole design together and my guests still tell me how amazing the cake was! ?

-Erin Elliot

Evan Laettner Photography

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