Wedding Cake Wednesday – Give Me Some Sugar (Flowers)

Wedding Cake Wednesday – Give Me Some Sugar (Flowers)

PPHG Pastry Chef Jessica Grossman takes us behind the scenes of some of her favorite designs! ⁠

“This cake was for an A Charleston Bride client and was inspired by a previous ACB cake that had a mixture of fresh and sugar flowers. This always presents a challenge, because even though the bride, and subsequently the florist, have requested certain shades and colors of their floral, no one really knows what we’ll end up with. Add that to the different ways colors are perceived through different types of lighting and our individual electronic devices…. well, it’s not a simple task to color match sugar flowers to fresh ones – in advance. Of course, to be safe, I prepared more than I thought I would need, in a variety of shades and color combinations. I think it’s safe to say we were all pleased with the outcome!”

-Jessica Grossman⁠

“Pleased” is an understatement… we’re so lucky to have Jessica on our team!

Brandon Lata Photography

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