Charleston Hometown Heroes: Dr. Sara Matar

May 28, 2020
Charleston Hometown Heroes: Dr. Sara Matar

Thank you, Dr. Sara Matar, for being a Charleston “Hometown Hero”!

“I would like to nominate Dr. Sara Matar as a healthcare hero. She provides exemplary care to her patients at MUSC and VA hospitals, especially during these difficult times. She ensures that her cancer patients are safe and well informed and are still receiving the best treatment possible despite the restrictions. She is also collaborating on a multinational trial to optimize care for cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. What sets Dr. Matar apart is her compassion; and her patients frequently tell her how her smile makes them hopeful for brighter days despite the uncertainty of their disease. 

Sara came to Charleston six years ago and has since built strong bonds with the community. She considers Charleston to be her second home and she is grateful for her amazing southern community. Her family is away from her, and I also got stuck outside the country, so she has been fighting the good fight all alone. Since I can’t be next to her, I thought I would express my gratitude to her service and my pride in her as a person, on one of her favorite sites in Charleston.”  – Ali Tarraf

Sara’s significant other, Ali, has unfortunately been unable to be with her during the pandemic and wanted to recognize her hard work and sacrifices from afar. She shared with us that “The Notebook” is one of her all-time favorite movies and that she has visited almost all of the local sites of scenes from the movie. She was thrilled to see her message on the marquee and we were touched to see that huge smile light up her face!