Micro Weddings = Macro Love


A micro wedding is an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests. They still feature time-honored traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale. Think of a micro wedding as a cross between an elopement and a big, traditional wedding—and it might just be the perfect compromise to suit your style. Keep reading for advice from some of the best in the biz!


“I’m a huge fan of personal vows in any setting,” Annie Lee of Daughter of Design says. “Especially when it’s a more intimate wedding.” Don’t skip the chance to share words and promises with one another, surrounded by the people who are truly closest to the two of you. Lee also loves the inclusion of sentimental details, like wearing your grandmother’s brooch or having your dog walk down the aisle with you, to give the day personal value. (BRIDES.com)

Chandler + Jordan’s River House Micro Wedding (Kate Dye Photography) – Hill & Co. Creative


While you’re thinking about adding those meaningful touches, do so for your guests, too. “Write handwritten notes to every guest to place at their seat,” says Jove Meyer of Jove Meyer Events. “Or consider hand-painting each invitation instead of having them printed.” It’s much easier to add those really special touches for 12 people than it is for 200! And since you’ve already decided on a more intimate guest list, you’re guaranteed to have a super-close connection to every guest, making those little touches all the more meaningful. (BRIDES.com)


“More is not always necessarily more,” says renowned event planner Stefanie Cove. “A micro wedding is for the couple who wants to really focus and spend the majority of their budget on the smaller details, whereas it might be difficult to replicate the same experience for, say, 200 guests.”

Rachael + Daniel’s Fall Micro Wedding at the William Aiken House (Julie Livingston Photography) Reagan Events

While a micro wedding can save you money, many couples are turning it into a macro experience. According to The Knot 2019 Real Weddings Study, the average overall guest count was down, while the average cost per guest went up. “Couples can certainly save money by going the route of micro weddings, though many decide to actually spend their full budget. Only on less people,” Cove explains. “Some couples will even take their budget and host the hotel rooms for their guests, along with transportation and other items that may not normally be affordable for a larger-size wedding.”

Bliss + Josselin’s Summer Micro Wedding at The River House (Stephanie Brazzle Photography)Ivory & Vine Event Co.

Micro weddings, however, are not the type of occasion where couples should look to cut corners from the beginning. Many couples who throw micro weddings will splurge on a top-shelf open bar and a savory sit-down dinner simply, with intimacy in mind. With a guest list of 35 of your nearest and dearest, a tropical destination weekend wedding, a designer wedding dress, or a decadent brunch at a five-star restaurant becomes much more feasible. (theknot.com)

Hannah + Benjamin’s River House Micro Wedding (Aaron & Jillian Photography) – Pure Luxe Bride


Micro weddings are the perfect opportunity to flip the switch on traditions. “Micro weddings allow for flexibility in scheduling, so instead of hosting a traditional dinner, you could host a Sunday brunch time wedding instead,” says PPHG’s in-house event planner, Abby Frye (Peninsula Events). Who doesn’t love the idea of mimosas and sealing the deal with a boat departure down the Intracoastal waterway? A smaller guest count also gives you the opportunity to consider unique venues such as Parcel 32!

Chandler + Jordan’s River House Micro Wedding (Kate Dye Photography) – Hill & Co. Creative

“West Coast Botanical” Editorial Styled Shoot at Parcel 32 (REN Photography) – We Do! Charleston


“Think of it as taking your closest family and friends out to a really nice intimate dinner,” says PPHG Director of Events, Tabitha Nall. “One thing I’m actually loving about the current COVID safety precautions is the elevated service. Like a fine-dining restaurant, we are setting the table and clearing between each course, which really enhances your dinner service. The slower pace also allows you and your guests to fully enjoy your dining experience and each other.” Add custom cocktails or a custom wine pairing with each course for an added layer of experience!

“With a smaller guest count, guests are often able to splurge on the details that make the experience! From a tasting-style menu complete with wine pairings to a beautifully curated tabletop with loads of flowers, clients are prioritizing the dining ambiance and experience,” adds Francesca DiSalvo Follmer, owner/planner of Pure Luxe Bride.

Katie + Daniel’s Intimate & Elegant River House Micro Wedding (Aaron & Jillian Photography)Pure Luxe Bride


Rachel Urquhart, PPHG Senior Sales Manager, speaks from personal experience after postponing her May destination wedding in Mexico. “After working for PPHG for over six years, I knew we would be in the best of hands when we had to move our wedding plans from Tulum, Mexico, to Charleston! We are most excited to finally tie the knot with our closest friends and family in attendance. We are grateful to be able to live-stream the ceremony so that grandparents and additional friends and family will also be able to be a part of this special moment. From the beginning, our guest count was an intimate 15 people, which the River House on a Thursday night is perfect for! We know the food and service will be incredible, with a beautiful waterfront view as the backdrop.”

Whitney + Drayton’s River House Elopement – (Jen Keys Photography)


“Now is the time to lean into building the foundation for your marriage, while a celebration with your loved ones will most certainly follow. And if a micro wedding or an elopement sounds like it’s a reflection of you as a couple, then it’s a great way to remember your wedding day in a way that was yours. Truly.” (theknot.com)

Morgan + Steve’s Summer Micro Wedding at The River House (Aaron & Jillian Photography)PPHG/Peninsula Events

Becca + Halden’s River House Micro Wedding (Wild Cotton Photography) – Elevents & Co.