How to Personalize Your Wedding: Bon Appetit!

How to Personalize Your Wedding: Bon Appetit!

Often the most valuable piece to any great celebration, cuisine is a welcome interlude between ceremony and reception. Peppered in during hours of dancing the night away, food serves as a gift to your guests – a token of your appreciation that they’ve traveled to celebrate with you. The hors d’oeuvres, desserts, snacks, and dinner round out the party, offering guests a continual experience and a full picture of your tastes as a couple. A particularly delicious second course during a plated dinner can leave your guests talking for months (or years) after the day, and may even entice your guests to have their own celebrations with the same tasty options on their own menu.

Food is an important component to any great wedding, and with family traditions, important places, and your personal tastes added into the recipe, your menu is a crucial part of personalizing your special day. If you and your partner have a favorite restaurant, incorporating an hors d’oeuvre to mimic your choice entrée can be a excellent way to personalize the first step in your menu. It’s also important to keep in mind your family and friends’ allergies or dietary restrictions, so you can have options available for everyone to enjoy while also exciting your taste buds.

Planning an entire menu can seem like a daunting task. With several styles of dining to choose from, and an overall feel of the evening to consider, it’s important to work with your planner and culinary team to create the perfect match for your wedding day. And you may even find yourself changing your mind throughout the process! You may have a more casual feeling in mind or crave the formal elegance of a plated meal, or even a cocktail style reception of only small bites. No matter what you decide, taking each moment to savor the creation and customization of your wedding day’s menu will help guide you along the way.

Here’s what Abby Frye of our expert planning team, Peninsula Events, had to say about menu planning:

We love to incorporate a family heirloom recipe or an entrée from the couple’s favorite restaurant in their hometown into their wedding day menu. Customizing the menu (both for food + beverage) is a great way to add personality into your big celebration!

Cuisine is arguably the most important piece to your special day’s puzzle. Taking recipes you’ve enjoyed with family throughout your childhood and turning them into your dinner entrées or customizing a special dessert display of both you and your partner’s favorites – the options are endless. Even choosing special dinner plates to mimic a relative’s tableware collection is another excellent option. And with a stellar culinary team by your side, curating each piece of your wedding day’s menu to truly represent you as a couple will leave guests with full bellies and countless memories of your special day for years to come. After all, if there’s one thing you want guests to remember, it’s the delicious details you’ve added in to give your day that perfectly personal touch.

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