Unleash the Love: Paws-itively Perfect Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

Unleash the Love: Paws-itively Perfect Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

Charleston, South Carolina, known for its historic architecture and southern hospitality, is the perfect backdrop for a wedding that celebrates love in all forms. And what better way to make your special day even more memorable than by including your fur baby in the festivities? In this post, we’ll explore some of the creative and fun ways we’ve seen our couples incorporate their beloved pet into their wedding, making it a day to remember for not only you, but also your guests and your furry companion.

Left: Aaron & Jillian Photography | Right: Kailee DiMeglio Photography

1. Let your pet walk you down the aisle

Katie + Daniel said ‘I do’ with the third member of their new family right beside them. The precious pup even dressed for the occasion! Name something cuter than a dog in a tux, I’ll wait… Catherine + Alex also had their pup join them during the ceremony, wearing an adorable collar. They couldn’t leave him out on getting all gussied up for his parents big day! Once your pet is done with his job during the wedding, there are various local companies you can hire to transport and handle your dog for the day/night so you don’t have to worry about asking a guest to do it. One we’ve seen our couples use time and time again is Dog Tired.


Left: Wild Cotton Photography | Right: Aaron & Jillian Photography

2. Dog ice sculpture

Imagine your family and friends arriving on your wedding day, and the first thing they see is a breathtaking work of art: an ice sculpture of your beloved pet. Cydney + Matt knew their day wouldn’t be complete without a truly unique ode to their dog. Olivia + Ran wanted to showcase their dachshund’s playful spirit with a frozen masterpiece, where love, quite literally, takes shape on their special day.


Left: Aaron & Jillian Photography | Right: Justin Leon Brown

3. Pet-inspired specialty cocktails + bar decor

Another fun way to incorporate your pet on your wedding day is through one of the most important features of the day – the drinks! Michele + Michael added a dose of canine charisma to their cocktail hour by naming their specialty cocktail, the Golden Goose, after their precious golden retriever. Parrish + James had two specialty cocktails at their wedding for guests to enjoy – the Shep and the Oakley. Each drink was a tribute to the charming quirks of the four-legged friends who stole their hearts. Olivia + Ran kept their guests’ drinks fresh with super cute drink stirrers with their dachshund’s face on it. Nicole + Joshua went above and beyond by adding a special note from their pups, as well as a little note from them, to their cocktail napkins – the perfect addition to any beverage. Paying attention to these small details help make any wedding feel more personal.


Left: Aaron & Jillian Photography | Right: Ava Moore Photography

4. Newly-married portraits

Some of the best pictures we see are of couples right after they say ‘I do.’ This gives them a little bit of alone time right after the ceremony and allows the photographer to capture their true happiness in the moment. These portraits are made even better when their pets join in! Michele + Michael made sure their golden retriever was dressed for the photo, as well – wearing an adorable doggy tux; their love story is all the more complete with their loyal companion by their side. Emily + Matt also had their two pups join their newlywed portraits because they’d simply not be complete without the most cherished members of their pack.


Aaron & Jillian Photography

5. Ring bearer

Megan + Matt’s dog added an irresistible dose of cuteness to their Lowndes Grove ceremony, trotting down the aisle with a sense of purpose. He had the most important job of the evening – getting the rings down the aisle and to his parents. Not only did their pup love it, but the guests enjoyed it, too!


Left: Carolina Palms Photography | Right: Aaron & Jillian Photography

6. Wedding cake

Here are two couples who came up with the cutest way to customize their wedding cakes. Kayla + Dominick added a dash of love to their cake that truly represented them – a figure of their precious husky perched right on top. Olivia + Ran added a figure of their cute dachshund at the bottom of their cake – an edible homage to their dog capturing the essence of love and companionship that will continue to enrich their lives.


Left: Ava Moore Photography | Right: Carolina Palms Photography

7. Socks

These grooms went the extra mile with the most heartwarming, unexpected touch – socks with their furry best friend’s face printed on them. With every step down the aisle, they carry their dog’s spirt and charm with them (quite literally), making their dog an ever-present part of the celebration. There are multiple stores online that you can create custom pet socks. Here are a few: Pooch Prints, Zazzle, and Shutterfly.


Wild Cotton Photography

8. Dance floor

One final way we’ve seen our couples incorporate their dog into their wedding was by making sure they were there when everyone hit the dance floor! Cydney + Matt had their pups’ portraits custom-painted onto their dance floor, ensuring their two other beloved family members were a part of the fun.


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