How to Personalize Your Wedding: Signature Sips, Shaken or Stirred

How to Personalize Your Wedding: Signature Sips, Shaken or Stirred

Let’s be honest: a well-dressed bar is the best guest at any event. From bubbles or crisp white wine to bourbon on the rocks, the bar is where the party begins.

It’s the first thing guests locate after the ceremony and before hors d’oeuvres are passed. It’s the place for conversation, for mingling over mixed libations or frozen drinks as sweet as dessert. It’s the place for guests to refresh while taking a break from the dance floor before rejoining the celebrations. In short, the bar serves as an anchor for your event, with guests regularly finding their way back to it throughout the evening.

As such, this important component to a successful evening is not one that should be overlooked. Whether you plan to treat your guests to a simple array of wines and craft beer, or if you want to share your favorite cocktails with family and friends, a signature drink (or two!) is a great way to put your personalize your bar offerings.

Perfectly paired with your entrée selection or to cleanse the palate before cake is served, a signature cocktail is an easy and seamless way to incorporate something you and your partner both enjoy. You can name the drink after your pet or after a place you’ve loved together as a couple. Add a custom garnish or edible flowers, and you have a small, hand-held piece to the larger puzzle that perfectly describes your union to your honored guests.

Here’s what our in-house planning team, Peninsula Events, had to say about signature drinks:

Is there a celebratory cocktail that the two of you make for big milestones? Or is there a family member who is no longer with us who had their own favorite drink, and you want to honor them on your big day? These are a few ways your signature cocktail can be more personalized to you as a couple. The age-old tradition in the south of “burying the bourbon” at your venue a month before your wedding can be incorporated during cocktail hour. Turn that bottle of bourbon into an Old Fashioned to pass around to your guests or enjoy a private bourbon cocktail with your immediate family and bridal party.

No matter your preferences, curating a bar menu that meshes with the rest of your event gives your guests a seamless experience. Offering your dearest friends and family the option to taste a beverage you’ve enjoyed together as a couple is the perfect way to narrate your story throughout your special day.

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