How to Personalize Your Wedding: Blossom, Branch, and Beauty

How to Personalize Your Wedding: Blossom, Branch, and Beauty

Deeply rooted in history (going as far back as 800 B.C.E.), bound by timeless tradition, and inspired by ever-changing fashion trends, flowers are an important piece to the wedding day puzzle. Brides in ancient Egypt carried bundles of wheat to encourage fertility. In ancient Greece, garlands and crowns of olive branches, orange blossoms, and herbs were used to honor Hera, goddess of marriage and fertility. Queen Victoria brought about the trend of flower crowns and lush floral displays for ceremonies and receptions. And in 2011, Kate Middleton carried a chic, timeless bouquet of sprigs of myrtle for her own royal wedding to Prince William.

Today, personal favorites and fashion trends are the primary influence in choosing floral arrangements. Family traditions hold sway, as well, with many brides selecting heirloom flowers their own mothers and grandmothers carried on their wedding days. Bouquets adorned with family jewelry, or made entirely out of heirloom brooches, are increasingly popular among today’s brides. And for those with sensitive noses, weddings with no flowers at all serve to provide guests a chic, modern feel without the perils of allergies. All of the above are fantastic options for giving your wedding day floral arrangements a personal feel.

Here’s what Abby + Gabbie from our expert in-house planning team, Peninsula Events, had to say about florals:

With floral, we always encourage our couples to lean into their favorites. Your wedding color palate may be neutral-toned and ivory, but your fiancé always brings you home pink and blush roses, so your bridal bouquet is just that. Or the backyard that you two created has a lot of lilac and lavender, and you want to bring these elements into your tablescape. You and your fiancé may have gotten engaged beneath the lemon trees in Italy, and you want to incorporate that into your reception space. These are all such subtle ways to bring in aspects of your love story that mean so much.

For the modern bride, choosing the bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, and floral arrangements to adorn the ceremony and reception can seem like a daunting task. The overall design and feel the couple is going for can lend to including a particular bloom, or your wedding planner and florist can help suggest a certain look to best convey your personal aesthetic. However you decide on the flowers to decorate your day, incorporating family traditions, your own favorite blossoms, and even buds with a religious significance, are an easy way to give your wedding day florals their special meaning.

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