How to Personalize Your Wedding: The Favor of Your Company

How to Personalize Your Wedding: The Favor of Your Company

Arguably one of the easier ways to personalize your wedding weekend, favors are the couple’s chance to kick it up a notch with their creativity. Whether you choose miniature bottles of limoncello, custom koozies with a hand-drawn sketch of your pup, or bags full of your favorite snacks to welcome your guests to Charleston for the weekend, hand selecting small gifts to show your appreciation for your guests is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your special day.

Favors are also entirely dependent on your tastes as a couple. Budget constraints and family tradition are important factors to consider in choosing from a wide array of available options, but the best favors are often those that communicate your tastes to your guests long after the reception is over. It’s also important to consider the overall theme of your big day. Colors, textures, tastes, and even places can all intertwine to create the perfect miniature symbol of your wedding celebration, such as custom ceramic coasters with an illustration of your venue and wedding date. Don’t forget to discuss your ideas with your wedding planner for specific recommendations tailored to your budget, style, and theme.

One of the more popular favors, welcome bags are an excellent way to add just the right amount of personal touch, while giving your guests a present to last them the whole weekend – or even longer. With an enormous variety to choose from, this favor is almost impossible to get wrong. Incorporating your theme and colors is even easier, with the vessel and decorations to consider. An easy way to include a visual representation of you as a couple is picking a bag or box that reminds you of home and adorning it with a ribbon that matches the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses. Whether you choose to add in bags of your favorite snacks or provide your guests mini bottles of your favorite beverage to get the party started (or both!), the options in pulling together a gift to welcome your nearest and dearest into your favorite city are truly endless.

Here’s what Abby Frye from our expert in-house planning team, Peninsula Events, had to say about welcome bags:

Welcome bags are a great way to kick off the wedding weekend on the right foot. You can personalize the bags with custom “gifts” for your guests, like playing cards with different motifs of Charleston on them, or you can just include some of your tried-and-true favorites that may come in handy over the weekend, like cheesy straws, Charleston chews, Lemonade and Sweet Tea vodka, etc. No matter what, your guests will appreciate the nice gesture. Be sure to include an itinerary or “things to do” note so your guests can explore the city!

And the options don’t end there. With copious amounts of online retailers offering easy and budget-friendly personalization, and plenty of creative ways to embellish whatever you select, incorporating a gift into your celebration is a remarkably simple way to add the right amount of personal touch to your wedding. Whether you decide to go all out for your favors or offer your guests a smaller token of your appreciation, you can rest easy knowing that no matter what you choose, your guests will have a little piece of your special day to remember for many moons to come.

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